Wall of 'Thanks'

Thank You!

Below is  a list of everyone who has sponsored us or donated to our #GoingForGoldCoast Campaign...  

Greenend Motors

Sunwise UK

Peter Kolomaznik

Barry Hewitt

Kate Taylor

University of Edinburgh, CSE

Gail Wilson

Darren Martin

Irene Hamilton

Emma Girot

SSS Chum upstairs :)


Nicky Coutts

Dora and Nancy Dome

Audrey Cooper

Final Whistle Media

Heather Brownlee 

Wellington Wealth

Camel Snatchers

Voodoo Tape


Helen Beattie

Yvonne Kennedy

Christine Parker

Fiona Curr

Zoe Smith

Lyn Goswell

Dave Knight

Portobello Christmas Donation

Fiona Hamilton

Ian Brownlee

Dan Foster, Hull

Lenard Sobieracki

Kirsty McLean

Allison Coutts

Rachel Morrison

Margaret Gibson

Jon Best

Javier and Joaquin Bello

Simon Hammond

Gillian Lyall

Vicki Wilson


Vince Krawczyk

Ross Enfield

Marion McReady

Ian Goswell

Carly McKinlay

Julie Hughes